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The Tears of the Indians
Bartoleme de Las Casas
Translated by: 
John Phillips

The eye-witness account of the cruel massacres of the native Americans by the Spanish during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Colin Steele
Oriole Chapbook, no copies left
The Industrial System and the Captains of Industry
Thorstein Veblen

Disposing the more spurious myths and superstitions that pass for economic and sociological wisdom.

Oriole Chapbook, £3
The Canton Speech, with Statements to the Jury and the Court
Eugene Victor Debs

After delivering his 'Canton Speech' in 1918, Debs was arrested and charged with violation of the Espionage Law.

Oriole Chapbook, £3
Social Philosophy and the American Scene
and Materialism and Human Knowing
Roy Wood Sellars

Profound contributions to the crucial questions in the theory of knowledge and the mind-body problem.

Oriole Chapbook, £3
On the Nature and Uses of Sabotage
Thorstein Veblen

A brilliant essay on developed capitalism by America's most merciless critic of its economic and social institutions.

Oriole Chapbook, £3
On a Piece of Chalk
Thomas Henry Huxley

A gem of scientific exploration and a classic in the literature of science.

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Facing the Chair: Sacco and Vanzetti
The Story of the Americanization of Two Foreign Born Workmen
John Dos Passos

The facsimile edition of the report published by the Defense Committee in 1927 just prior to their execution.

Oriole Chapbook, £5
Ezra Pound & T S Eliot
Richard Aldington

A masterpiece of literary assassination delivered as a lecture at an eastern American university in 1953.

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Civil War in West Virginia
The Story of the Industrial Conflict in the Coal Mines
Winthrop D Lane

An account of the miners' struggle in West Virginia in 1921.

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Castaways of Plenty
A Parable of Our Times
William E Hawkins

Capitalism, a triumph of the reductio ad absurdum, by one of America's radical economists.

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